Yong is a New York-based visual artist, with a strong specialty in graphic design and photography. Yong's works have been exhibited internationally, in Hong Kong, Pairs and the US. Her work combines both simplicity and minimalism to create an intriguing design, showing great use of design fundamentals. While her work might not have the same materials and processes each of her projects have a consistent methodology. Yong is also an art director of the bonbon workroom, a design studio in New York. 

Awards & Honours

2020    GDUSA American Packaging Design Awards

2019    GDUSA American Inhouse Design Awards

2019   Council of Asian Designers of America Design Memo Exibition Certificate of Talented Awards  

2019   Out of focus/Ambiguë  International Art  Exhibition Honorable Mention Awards

2017    BMCC Media Arts and Technology Awards


2020   "The New 20’s" Art Show, New York

2019   Group exihibition "Design Memo", New York

    Group exihibition "Out of focus/Ambiguë", Vanities Gallery, Paris

2019   Group exhibition “When Black Swallows Red”, Metropolitan Art Gallery Association (MAGA), New York

2019    COMD Senior Project Exhibition, Grace Gallery, New York

2012  HKBU AVA Grad Show, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong


2019 PIKCHUR Magazine Issue 6

2019 GDUSA Magazine  July/August 2019 Edition

2019 Abandoned, Photography Book,  ISBN: 9781714209965

Media Coverage

Special Report on ISPVA's First Paris International Art Group Exhibition

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Creating the Most Attractive Brand by  the Chinese Visual Artist, Yong Wu

Creating the Most Attractive Brand by the Chinese Visual Artist, Yong Wu